Along the Talle ridgeway: From Oberkirn to the Taser, via the Streitwelder Alm

The pleasantly even path between the Verdines-Talle cable car mountain station and the Taser cable car is a popular hiking route along the Talle Ridgeway. In addition, the Verdines cable car and Taser cable car CombiTicket can be used to put together an uncomplicated day trip.

The starting point is the Verdines-Talle cable car mountain station. From here, follow the mountain road to Videgg (path no. 40A) and set out on a very pleasant forest path (no. 40). After crossing the Rötental and Masul streams, you’ll reach a fork in the forest path that leads towards the Streitwelder Alm. Follow this to the northern slope of the Picco Ivigna massif, which is pretty flat, until you get to the Taser.

After going into the valley with the Taser cable car, the return journey to the Verdines cable car takes you to the Verdines irrigation channel. This section of the route runs from the Pichler until just before the Hasenegg Inn. The Wiesersteig trail then forks off here, leading into the Verdines village centre and then on to the Verdines cable car valley station.

Tour Data

Length of tour:11,0 km
Trail Type:Easy hiking route
Walking Time:3 h 40 min
Ascent:420 m
Descent:380 m
Ticket:Verdines-Taser CombiTicket
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