Taking the European long-distance path "E5" to the Hinteregger Alm

The Hinteregger Alm forms part of the Talle pastures and has been used as a summer meadow for rearing local agricultural animals for generations. The area has been popular with the many hikers that visit it from an early stage, meaning that food and drink have been available at the Hinteregger Alm since the 1970s.

The starting point for this hike is the Verdines-Talle cable car mountain station. From here, you continue your ascent using the Talle-Grube chair lift. The relatively flat no. 8 footpath to Klammeben, which leads to the Hirzer Hütte Inn, begins here. After an easy ascent, carry on along hiking path no. 1 through the Tallner Alm pastures until you reach the Hinteregger Alm.

For your return, the recommended route is path no. 4 to the Gompm Alm, followed by forest path no. 2 to the Grube. Then take the Talle-Grube chair lift into the valley, followed by the cable car back to Verdines.

Once you’re back in Verdines, you can take the bus back to Scena and Merano in comfort.

Tour Data

Length of tour:7,7 km
Trail Type:Easy trail for experienced hikers
Walking Time:4 h 40 min
Ascent:380 m
Descent:380 m
Ticket:Mountains and valley trip
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