Summit tour to the top of Punta Civina (2781m)

At 2781m, the Punta Civina is the highest summit in the Val Sarentino Alps. Its location offers unforgettable views to reward the well-deserving hiker for their efforts.

In good weather, getting an early start and taking the Verdines-Talle cable car is highly recommended. From the mountain station in Oberkirn, you can reach the Tallner Alm with the Talle-Grube chair lift or the cable car from Prenn to Klammeben so you can begin your hike to the summit of the Punta Civina. Firstly over Alpine pastures, then through dry fields and, finally, by climbing over boulders, you’ll reach the top in about 2½ hours. Experienced hikers can return using the route over the Hönigspitze Peak and Stafell until they reach the Grube. From there, take the chair lift back to the Verdines-Talle cable car valley station.

Once you’ve taken the cable car back to Verdines, you can return to Scena or Merano in comfort by taking the bus.

Tour Data

Length of tour:9,8 km
Trail Type:Demanding summit tour
Walking Time:5 h
Ascent:1100 m
Descent:1100 m
Ticket:Mountains and valley trip
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