From Talle to Videgg and on to Scena via the Verdines irrigation channel

The route to the Verdines irrigation channel from Talle via Videgg is diverse and easy to undertake. Initially shaped by mountain farmsteads, the path follows the traditional irrigation systems, known locally as the Waale or Waalwege, which have brought precious water from its source to the deeper orchards and meadows for generations.

The route is marked (no. 40A) and starts at the Verdines-Talle cable car mountain station, following the mountain road to Videgg. From there, take the Talle ridgeway (path no. 40) until just below the Streitwelder Alm and then follow a nicely sloping forest path on the northern slope of the Picco Ivigna massif (path no. 19). Follow this forest path until you approach the Hofer farm… here, you’ll join the Verdines irrigation channel. You’ll then be led to the Pichler Inn and on to San Giorgio along this mostly open trail. Here, there are numerous opportunities to take a fork into the valley and return directly to Verdines or Scena. The bus stops at the Pichler and in San Giorgo make it possible to enjoy a comfortable journey back to your starting point.

Tour Data

Length of tour:12.8 km
Trail Type:Easy hike
Walking Time:4 h
Ascent:175 m
Descent:1050 m
Ticket:Single mountains trip
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