From Talle to Verdines through the Masulschlucht gorge

For generations, the path through the Masulschlucht gorge was an important link between Verdines and the mountain hamlet of Videgg. Yet, the path has also been the victim of nature’s cruel game… for example, the old bridge over the gorge was ripped away by the floods in the storm of XXXX and completely destroyed. Since then, the newly-installed wooden bridge offers breathtaking views of the lie of the land around the Masul torrent.

The descent from Oberkirn to Verdines begins at the Verdines-Talle cable car mountain station. The path is relatively flat as it takes you towards Videgg (path no. 40A). After a some 40-minute walk, the path bears round to the right, following the signs pointing to ‘Verdines’ (path no. 1). The descent is quite steep, going past the ‘Haisler’, ‘Rieser’ and ‘Lahner’ farms in Videgg until you reach what used to be the Pixnerhof Inn. From the Pixnerhof, the forest route continues upwards, taking a number of winding roads into the Masulschlucht gorge (path no. 4), at the end of which you’ll cross a wooden bridge over the Masulbach stream. The way from here to the Verdines-Talle cable car valley station is relatively flat. You can then take the bus back to Scena and Merano in comfort.

A detour to the Boarpichl, a dairy farm near the Pixnerhof, is well worth it. Using traditional methods, the products acquired from the farm are processed into high-quality dairy products. Renowned for its cheese creations, such as ‘Moidele’ or ‘Joggele’, Boarpichl farm products have worked their way onto the menus of a great deal of upscale hotel businesses.

Tour Data

Length of tour:6,6 km
Trail Type:Medium difficulty
Walking Time:2h 10 min
Ascent:110 m
Descent:680 m
Ticket:Single mountains trip
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